Race Result


The world’s toughest team competition

The Patrouille des Glaciers (PDG) is an international ski mountaineering race organised by the Swiss Armed Forces in which military and civilian teams compete.


The race leads from Zermatt to Verbier (course Z) or from Arolla to Verbier (course A).


The very long race distance, the extreme route profile, the high altitude and the difficult alpine terrain with glaciers and couloir climbs are the main features of this unique competition.

Participants who register for the PDG competition must meet the following requirements:

  • broad alpine experience that qualifies them to independently master unexpected situations under extreme conditions in an inhospitable mountain environment
  • careful personal preparation and adequate training in order to meet the physical, mental and technical requirements of the competition
  • full compliance with the PDG regulations and willingness to follow instructions of the PDG command to the letter before, during and after the race
  • willingness to show the ‘PDG spirit‘ towards their own team members and all other participants by displaying mutual fairness, caution and solidarity as well as recognising their own limits and respecting nature and the unique alpine world. This sporting fairness also entails acceptance of registration procedures and admission decisions.

By enrolling and signing, the team leaders give a personal undertaking that they will participate personally in the PDC and by their signature they acknowledge that they are only enrolling team members who meet the following requirements:

  • sound alpine knowledge
  • active alpine touring skills and experience participating in mountaineering competitions 
  • excellent skiing skills
  • experience in skiing while roped to others
  • very high level of training
  • ability to complete the following distances under normal conditions within the times allocated:
    - Zermatt – Schönbiel within 3 h
    - Zermatt – Arolla within 8 h 30 min
    - Arolla – Riedmatten within 1h 45 min
    - Arolla – Verbier within 8 h 30 min