The Patrouille des Glaciers commander gives absolute priority to the safety of the patrollers on the course. In view of the weather forecast for Friday and Saturday, he has decided to postpone the start of the Z2 and A2 races by 24 hours.

A deterioration from the west and cloud accumulation expected over the peaks for Saturday could prevent any medical evacuation by air during the race.

For the official parts:

  • The press conference is set for Saturday 30 April at 14:30 in Zermatt
  • Two opening ceremonies will take place in the church in Zermatt on Saturday 30 April. Ceremonies are brought forward by 30 minutes. The distribution of the competitors is as follows:
  • Ceremony at 16:00: patrols at the 21:30, 22:15 and 23:00 starts
  • Ceremony at 17:30: patrols at 23:45, 01:00 and 02:30 starts
  • The 16:00 ceremony is broadcast live on:

For the races:

  • The starts of the Z2 and A2 races are postponed by 24 hours.
  • Changes in the composition of the patrols or in the start times are no longer accepted.
  • Z2 starts remain advanced by 30 minutes (first start at 21:30).
  • During the Z2 race: no time limit at the Schönbiel checkpoint.
  • During the Z2 race: the time limit at the Arolla checkpoint is 06:45.
  • During the Z2 race: the time limit at the Col de Riedmatten checkpoint is 08:45.
  • During the Z2 and A2 races: the deadline for passing through the La Barme checkpoint is 10:30.
  • As a reminder, each patroller must be in physical possession of a valid identity card during the entire race or risk disqualification. Checks will be carried out.
  • The very low temperatures expected on the course require the wearing of appropriate cold protection clothing.
  • A shoe changing station is operated in Ober Stafel. From this point onwards, ski boots are mandatory. Running shoes left behind will be donated to charity.

For the practical aspects :

  • On Friday 29 April, additional advanced equipment checks will be carried out in Zermatt from 08:30 to 17:00
  • The collection of race numbers will only take place on race day in Zermatt (Z2)
  • On Friday 29 April, the material controls are maintained in Sion (A2) from 14:00 to 20:00. The collection of the race numbers is possible if the 3 patrollers present themselves with a valid identity document.
  • On Saturday 30 April, a material check will also take place in Sion (A2) from 14:00. According to the roadmap.
  • The tickets offered by the SBB remain valid for the race days
  • Z2 patrols are invited to join Zermatt only on Saturday 30th April
  • Patrols already in Zermatt can stay an extra night (meals are at their own expense, overnight stay is included in the registration fee)