The Petite Patrouille runs from AROLLA to VERBIER

The Patrouille des Glaciers (PdG) A route, also known as the Petite Patrouille, takes competitors from AROLLA to VERBIER. It represents a real feat for the teams involved.

For several days, the charming village of Arolla, nestled in the Val d’Hérens, is transformed into a veritable festival ground at the foot of its majestic glaciers. Arolla is the starting point for the short Patrouille des Glaciersroute, offering civilian and military patrols the chance to set off on the journey towards the Col de Riedmatten, followed by the Pas du Chat, La Barma, Rosablanche, Col de Momin, Col de la Chaux, all the way to Les Ruinettes, before finally reaching Verbier.

Distance of the route
Positive elevation
Record in 2018
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Logo Patrouille des Glaciers
Commandement de la Patrouille des Glaciers
Rue du Catogne 7
1890 Saint-Maurice (VS)
Logo Patrouille des Glaciers
Fondation Patrouille des Glaciers
Rue des Casernes 40
1950 Sion
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